Clayton Harbour

Burnaby General Hospital Visit

Backstory I have had stomach problems for the past little while (finishing week 3 and going on week 4 as of this writing), the complete list of [unpleasant] symptoms are: Liquid stool Stabbing stomach pain  Waking in the… Read More

Baby Birds are Grateful

Wander I saw a person today at a bus stop when my son and I were on our way to the beach with a shirt that said “Wander” with the picture of a rhinoceros in the background.  The… Read More

Vulnerability, Love and Education

Vulnerability I have tried several times to write this and even as I make this attempt I am building my references section to try to convince myself that I have enough answers.  What I would like to write… Read More

EA Memories

This photo is a plaque from the game FIFA 16. It’s special to me because it was the first year that the game FIFA had women in the game so I chose to be in the title. It… Read More

School – Then, Now and the Future

My School Years When I was younger, I think somewhere in elementary between the grade 3-6, I had my first introduction to a non-base 10 number system.  They chose to use binary and I am going to speculate… Read More

Cryptokitties at AxiomZen Labs

Preamble The AxiomZen building is amazing, located on The Great Northern Way in Vancouver near the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.  It was a warm day and after the deliberation, for 20 minutes on what to… Read More

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

I have been a longtime fanboy of Google and its products.  I am writing this right now on Google Docs on a Chrome browser that I will move over to WordPress.  I like the fact that they are… Read More

The No Data Journey

I have been on a quest to set up a cell phone with a no data plan.  First, to be entirely clear I have 2 cell phones, one is provided by work and they happily allow me to… Read More

Spirituality Preamble

I am not a religious person and don’t subscribe to any particular religion although I identify more with Christian as I was raised Anglican.  I have always been interested in religion and the beliefs that people take away… Read More

Cell Phones, Data and Marshmallows

We spend a lot of time on our cell phones in today’s world.  We take them to dinner, they wake us up in the morning, tuck us in at night, and we pour time into them that is better… Read More