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What if We Are Wrong About COVID?

COVID-19: What We Know

I want to dispel the myths about COVID-19 by parroting what we know about it.  If any of this sounds familiar then it’s because you’ve already read it on the internet somewhere.  Personally I haven’t been keeping up because when this sort of thing happens to talk to the people in my neighbourhood.  They know just as much as the news, either because they are keeping up or work in the field and they can filter out the garbage…sometimes.  After awhile if whatever the latest thing is still going I do a bit of research on my own, this is the result of that research.

It looks like we have the following symptoms present in a COVID-19 case:

That is from a search on Google.  The page that comes up also has useful information on stats and it looks like as of July 4, 2020, the worldwide numbers were:

There isn’t an easy page to compare the number of flu virus deaths however this article claims that a range of 290,000 – 650,000 die from the flu every year.  Typically this would be from multiple viral strains from what I understand so there is a significance in the number of COVID-19 deaths as it would only be attributed to one strain of a virus.  The variation for flu-related deaths seems to be antibodies and immunity.  With COVID the entire population would have no immunity to the virus.  It’s this fact that sets it apart from the flu and is one of the reasons that world leaders have been concerned about containing the spread.  As it goes I believe that we have done quite well to handle the flow of sick into the hospital.

COVID-19: What We Think We Know

That being said we are now taking precautions over and above this initial protocol to “be safe” which is causing large scale changes to our society as a whole.  For example in a local restaurant I had to give my phone number and email address to get a table, for another it was just my phone number.  I gave the information because I wanted a table however challenged why it was being recorded.  In both cases, the reason was unknown or explained away as “higher up the chain” of command and they believed it wasn’t necessary to have this information.  My concern around this is why aren’t we, as a society, asking these difficult questions?  Why are we blindly following the fear and not looking around at what changes our world is taking out of this fear?  We are in control of this and we need to start showing up to take responsibility for these changes because it’s our world.

To me, this lack of desire for a fundamental understanding is almost criminal.  We should be asking these questions and although we don’t need to know the “magic” underneath we should recognize it’s there.  If you are told by your manager to collect information around COVID challenge that and understand why the data is being collected and what is being done with it.  You owe this to your patrons as they will start asking.  They will also start asking why we are allowed to stand in crowded lines while not allowed to stand together inside of the establishment.  These sorts of changes should have everyone’s spider-sense tingling.

I used magic in the above paragraph and let me clarify a bit what that means for me because mentioning it in my world recently caused a huge impact and was unexpected.  When I refer to “magic” it’s always something that works a certain way but is not understood at that point in time either by myself only or a group.  For example, in computers “magic” would be an underlying system I just used (i.e. an API or an operating system like iOS), for most users that would be their phone operating system.  In this sense, most people use magic every day when they use their phones.  

In some cases, such as quantum physics, we might not be privy to why certain magics are working however we do know that they do work.  In these times we can understand that magic can eventually be described by the laws of our universe and can be understood in their domains of science such as math, physics, biology and computer science.  So, your shiny new quantum computer can be magical to you however still have a defined method of operation that you (and most physicists) do not understand at the time.  This is what magic is, to me.

COVID-19: An Alternate Theory

So now you know what COVID-19 is, how about we talk about an alternate theory.  If we go with the virus premise then let’s assume that what it does is target the way that we pass energy between each other.  What does “passing energy” mean here?  I think in all communities we give a bit of ourselves back to the things around us, we also give back energy to our families through those ties.  You can look at the manifestation of that which is a smile, a call to your mother or father on their birthday or a myriad of things.  

The part that goes beyond this however is my belief that energy can be a “thing” that moves between people.  I believe this because I feel it daily.  I feel waves of energy sometimes going through my body and lifting me up sometimes.  It is usually when I pass a group of people or sometimes have a happy thought that I can really hang onto.  I believe also, with practice, you can focus that energy and share with the people and things that fill your sphere of influence.  As I mentioned above if I don’t understand something then it’s magic, so is this magic?  I don’t think so, so if I don’t think so maybe I understand it somewhere on an unconscious level.

Taking a little walk inside my mind it feels that magic would be something that might involve good or evil and would have some cost to the user.  They would be depleted after the use.  This comes a lot from my years of playing Dungeons and Dragons where you would need to memorize spells and there were limits placed on what could and could not happen with magic in a given day or battle.  So this sort of energy would not be magic…but maybe it’s what makes magic possible?  Yes, that does seem to resonate with my belief, if I got it wrong then YAY, please let me know how it works.

So this underlying energy, this power, it’s fundamentally different.  I feel that it connects us all and flows through us.  I feel this daily as I walk through my neighbourhood, sometimes I even feel what is a wall of energy that is hard to walk through.  Or other times I feel my feet move away from something and happen to notice I am about to walk on a snail or a bug.  This might be explained away by so many things and I get it.  

I used to explain it all away as well, however what if it’s true?  What would that mean for you in your daily life?  The ability to feel connected always to those around you simply by reaching out with this energy would make the world a happier place for those people that are lonely.  I know that I can sit in my apartment and still feel connected to so many things and I rarely feel lonely.

We as a society have moved away from the spiritual too much and we need to find a way back to that world.  I feel that science and technology can replace the core of the explanation sometimes while still maintaining the interface to that understanding.  We do this all the time in computer software and end-users see it in new operating systems that still work as you’d expect them to work.  Under the hood, the explanation of how they work that way (i.e. the code) has changed so much but the cludge has helped us get there.  Maybe this is what the bible was intended to do, or the teachings of Buddha?


So now you have either stopped reading or also feel what I feel and are curious about my theory…hang on it gets a little less scientific here.  I feel that when a child is born sometimes the parents go on a spiritual journey, I have no idea if this is true but I feel that the concept of “God Parents” was a way of having other people help with the journeys.  At the culmination of the journey, whether physical or through dreams, I feel that the child is born into the world and the energy amassed by that journey is used to fuel the child through their life and paid forward to their children.  If you made it this far then maybe COVID-19 is a virus that targets that link?  Or maybe something else has fundamentally changed in our world and COVID-19 is just a flu virus that we are using to explain something we don’t understand?  

It’s an interesting thought experiment.  We do know that the people in societies that have a good culture and interact in healthy ways tend to live longer.  This is proven by a number of studies and is independent of the foods that they share.  Maybe what we need in the world is a better way to share that energy with all members of society…say “hi” to your neighbour, take your granny out for a walk or just sit and talk with her.  Even if you don’t believe everything that I’ve said here those are good things to do and you’ll feel happier for it after you get past the initial awkwardness (if you haven’t talked to your neighbour in years for example) and you’ll feel better for having done it. 


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