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Spirituality Preamble

I am not a religious person and don’t subscribe to any particular religion although I identify more with Christian as I was raised Anglican.  I have always been interested in religion and the beliefs that people take away from the writings and hold to their core and I self classify as spiritual because of that.

I always try to find the commonalities that I come across and relate it back to my experience.  For example, there are a lot of writings in most religions that basically boil down to be: don’t be a dickhead.  I’m paraphrasing a bit and I subscribe to it as best I can every day.  I am also not using it to offend anyone on purpose but if you are offended it’s a good sign that this might not be the category on my blog for you to read.

There are a number of other learnings that are similar but I think the really interesting part for me personally is how people internalize those and use that internal representation to shape their lives and those around them in a positive way.  In software terms, this would be how religion is implemented.  I believe that it is in the implementation that the true value of religion is realized and perhaps how spiritual folks can find some common ground.

Trying to understand the beliefs and implementation of various religious backgrounds has been a bit of a journey in my life and I hope to include more as I start discussing the topic with the people in my life.  Take care, be good to each other, keep smiling and have a wonderful day.

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